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Every ten minutes, you see close-ups of heaving breasts of scantily-clad women at the water park.

The dialogues are bland and unfunny, and are made to sound all the more abominable by the spiritless cast. Angelina jolie full nude pics. The Mask of Zorro — A Review. Olympus Has Fallen — A Review. Piranha 3dd nude scenes. The water park is overrun with the monster fish, and the final twist of the first film that there are mega piranhas is pretty much left untapped. John Gulager's follow-up, on the other hand, has no charm, or class for that matter. ILHM Jan 31, I was kind of surprised that they actually did multiple takes for this film.

And there some nice girls too. It's just a shallow, muddy killer fish film with paper-thin characters, an insultingly boring narrative and lifeless thrills. Slaughter — A Review.

Cadmielt Oct 29, With no one around to hear her cries, the van sinks into the lake and she is eaten alive by the killer fish.

I'm going to unfortunately find a pirated version of this film uncut, and then I'll comment back later. Hot lesbian milf seduces girl. Go to Common Sense Review. It almost beats John Carter for worst movie of all time. The sequel does have this gimmick setting of the piranha getting into a waterpark and it does nothing with that idea.

The Awakening — A Review. Piranha 3DD, congratulations for being number 1 worst movie and one of the worst movies ever made. It was well shot, featured some pretty great makeup effects and sported a decent amount of tension, balanced with zany comedy. However at a nearby lake, two farmers are searching the water to recover the body of a dead cow. From the acting to the deaths,everything it's so horrible that it gets laughable at times.

Piranha 3D was able to not so subtly include naked women by setting the movie during spring break with lots of exhibitionist bikini babes on display.

However, they also grounded it in some kind of horror reality. The sequel tries to deliver on gruesome piranha attacks, water turning red with blood, gratutious nudity, along with a dose of humor.

Those pesky pre-historic piranhas have found their way into a new lake, but Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water park While sitting on a jetty, they are both attacked by a swarm of piranhas. New to the cast is the young Danielle Panabaker "Sky High" and "Friday the 13th" as the lead and David Koechner "Anchorman" as her dim-witted stepfather and owner of the water park where the majority of the killing takes place.

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Retrieved July 2, We then get an underwater view of Irina swimming, a look at her butt while floating on a raft, and then another full-frontal nudity as she pulls herself up a ladder out of the pool. Olympus Has Fallen — A Review.

The first Pirahna film at least tried to be somewhat serious, but with this film, the movie is completely ridiculous to the point of laughter. Scandinavian milf porn. You mean they actually reshot stuff to get it better??? July 9, at I'm a big horror junkie, but when I saw the first "Piranha 3D," even I wasn't prepared for how R-rated it was. Elizabeth Shue hanging out in Piranha 3D. Picking up a little while after the events of the first film, Piranha 3DD brings the killer fish to a wild water park run by a sleazy entrepreneur David Koechner.

Go to Common Sense Review. I got a movie idea that I would love to convince Dave to do one day, but we'll see. Piranha 3dd nude scenes. So, the horror and suspense scenes sold the idea. What remains is pretty solid Blu-ray for a film that's barely even worth renting. Free milf porn comics. Piranha 3DD is a terrible film, and that's a tragedy. Rikiege Sep 25, The 3D, backed up with dramatic background music Elia Cmiral did bring up a bit of hysteria in a handful number of scenes, involving the piranhas.

A guy then joins her and has sex on top of her until he runs off with a piranha biting him between the legs. The actors in the movie prove that it was not a low budget film.

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Get weekly age-based media reviews and advice. Given the extremely low user and critic reviews, I thought I, someone who loved Piranha 3D, would be greatly disappointed in this film. Now not having seen any of his other films and only basing this reaction on his work demonstrated here, I think that show had to be rigged.

The jokes by the park owner David Koechner are not only tasteless, but worse not funny at all. D I enjoyed it! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Most of the kills occur so fast. Just more gross out deaths that come across as more head-shaking than elaborate of shocking.

Cadmielt Oct 29,

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